Sports Flooring

Indoor Sports Flooring

Our sprung floors deliver a premium sports flooring playing surface whilst minimising associated injuries to create the perfect environment for sporting enjoyment. As well as the ideal solution for most indoor sports flooring they are extremely durable, have a long life and, depending on the choice of surface finish, can be easy to maintain and suited to social and educational events.

The benefits of using our sprung gym flooring system are:

  • Reduces risk of injury and premature fatigue
  • Suited to both sport and non-sport activities
  • Durable and easy to maintain
  • Suitable for overlaying on existing sports flooring
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Various floor surfaces are available for your sporting needs:

Hardwood Sport Finish

A combined sports parquet with hardwood finish giving a durable and stable finish. Provides many years of use for a low maintenance sports flooring. Finished in Oak or Beech but others available upon request.

Synthetic Sport Finish

Ideal where a number of sports and social activities need to be considered. Provides a durable and low maintenance surface.

We offer a range of services to complement the installation of your sports flooring, including:

Line Marking

We provide a complete line-marking and sanding and resealing service for your sports flooring.

Maintenance & Refurbishment

To preserve the playing performance and aesthetic appearance of the floor a maintenance programme is vital. We can provide a tailored maintenance service for each installation.

We offer two principal sprung floor systems:

Elastic Layer

Ideal when floor has even substrate. Suitable for overlaying existing floor systems. Low construction height.

Swing Beam

Ideal when floor has uneven substrate. System laser levelled to required height. Premium grade timber used to construct swing beams and counter beams.

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